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Take Massive Action 

“Strategy without Tactics is the slowest route to Victory,
Tactics without Strategy is the noise before defeat” 
(Sun Tzu)

About Us


Take Massive Action fundamentals are planned & decisive actions.


We work with companies to Develop and Transform their Vision to a daily planned set of actions and skills. 

With over 20 Years of management experience in complex environment our know how is deeply rooted in proven practical experience, we highly emphasise on implementation of the plan. 

TMA is fascinated with engaging teams and support them towards success, we strive to enrich the company tool kit and management skills. 

Golan Oliel
Founder of TMA


Business Growth Strategy

To create long-lasting Business Success, a results-oriented culture beats any strategy. 
TMA collaborates to serve as an instrument for your company’s success. From crafting a strategy to Implementing that strategy, acting as an extension of your team. 
Our strength is in strategy implementation, where typically most strategies fall we use a results-oriented approach to build a long-lasting culture that drives to success in today’s Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous (VUCA) business environment. 
As for growth strategies TMA offers the following services: opening new distribution channels, deploying to new territories, implementation of new technology and Innovation, developing new digital marketing strategy, adopting to the new normal and future Normal world.  

Leadership & Management Mentoring

Our Managers Mentoring Program aims to provide a practical set of tools and skills to managers at all levels. Today more than ever, the business world is characterized by high, rapid Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity, A successful strategy Implementation depends on front line (First and medium tier) Managers, where eventually the strategy must be translated to applicable daily routine. 
Second solid and developed front line management as your future executives will allow you to take the next leap towards growth. Our program focuses on building the needed skills and Personalized tools for Managers to face challenges in their current and next roles, therefore enabling the organization to establish a solid succession Plan.  


Innovation can take on many forms from technology to Process improvement. 
TMA Collaborates with Tech companies to enhance business performance, at all main business pillars, combined with vast business experience, technology is used as a force multiplier with that TMA provides a wide perspective and benchmarks for the company to use, from sales & marketing to Operations. 


The significance of agile and cost-effective operations is a key factor for company success and reaching company Service Level Agreements. Wit vast international operational experience, TMA supports companies by generating cost-effective, up to date operational methodologies from Production to Intralogistics and Supply chain Management, enhancing companies’ competitive edge.

Business Growth Strategy
Leadership & Management Mentoring



“SEMDICAL is cooperating with TMA to gain new markets. Very professional and reliable, easy to communicate and trust worthy. At the end, what every company is looking for, a good reliable person who is results oriented, Always a pleasure to corporate with TMA”

Jordi Vives, Owner

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