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It’s not about what you are getting. It’s about what you are becoming.

Build a method, goals will come.

What’s the difference between success and non-success?

Well, winners and Losers all have the same goal, however we are biased and focus on those who reached their goal, while forgetting that those who failed, had exactly the same goal. What is the difference then? Two companies, both with the same goal. The success factor is probably not the goal.

We tend to focus more on the goal, but, the goal isn’t ours to own., We have almost zero control on the goal, so our failure or success should be defined by what we did up to D-DAY. This is 100% for us to hone into.

Let me demonstrate., You arrived at a super important customer meeting, you prepared for it for weeks, you know the activity, you are packed with the right tools, you have been working to win this job, so you are very intimate with the details. The meeting day arrives (AKA D-DAY), you’re all pumped and smiling.. BAM, customer decides that the timing isn’t right. Did you win or lose?

Let’s try another one. You’ve been training for a 10K race. You’ve executed a well-planned training program, you trained your race pace. You’re super confident, you got this. Race day arrives and there’s a blizzard outside. For sure you won’t achieve you goal today, but did you miss your goal? Today, yes, for sure. Are you ready for tomorrow? Chances are yes.

Embedding the right habits has better long-term effects on our system in the short, and definitely the long run. Yes, today’s world is really hectic and being method-oriented requires a different mentality in certain aspects. This mentality can be your USP for winning!

Any goal is a singular moment. It is true that we can be defined by a moment. We are defined far more by our habits, so a specific moment, successful or not, cannot define us. If we build the right habits, we are not crumbling to our “failures” and rather, stay humble from our successes. If we didn’t reach our goal, we need to take a deep look at our method, asking the right questions and restructuring our micro daily habits. If you want to stay in shape beyond that race, you need to keep training.

When building a method, you are crafting your identity as a person and as a company. On that incremental path you can always take stock of where you’re at and celebrate the small achievements. When you are goal-oriented, you are happy only if and when you’ve achieved the goal. Happiness and satisfaction is better defined by who you are becoming not what you are gaining instantly. You win far more when your focus is on the path you’re walking.

What is there the day after? So you have reached your goal. You’ve won that new account. You crushed you 10k PB. What now? Indeed, when the habits you build are solid and strong, you have no doubts about “what to do today”. Reaching your goal doesn’t steer you up. You keep improving and sharpening your methods. Getting better at your craft is a ongoing process.

Yes, goals are important, and by no means to be neglected. Understanding that our focus should be on how we act daily with our micro habits has a huge impact on what are we becoming, and the goal is there so we can only craft our habits. Success defined by goals can be illusive. Not reaching your goal today and rather concentrating on building the right method, will provide you with the success you desire.

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